Hakuoki~Shinsengumi Kitan: Review

Anime with historical themes, after those that address themes about ghosts and monsters, are my favorites (as I have already told you millions of times). That’s why I want to share with you, Hakuoki~Shinsengumi Kitan.

The story takes place in ancient Edo, when Japan was still closed to any contact with other countries, located in this environment full of wars and fights between territories, we find a young girl named Chizuru, who will have to hide her true identity. to find his father, who has mysteriously disappeared.

In the continued search to find her father’s whereabouts, Chizuru will travel from Kyoto to Edo, where she will be indirectly involved in an event that will involve the Shinsengumi squad. These warriors will fight for justice to bring peace to Edo and be recognized as a force that will defend the emperor, however they will have to go through many obstacles before being able to fulfill this great dream that unites them.

Hakuoki~Shinsengumi Kitan

Thanks to an elixir created with the purpose of turning men into creatures that possess incomparable strength, those who cannot overcome the effects of said elixir will become Rasetsu. These creatures cannot be controlled unless they drink human blood, which is why the Shinsengumi are searching for their creator in order to create a cure to counteract the effects. Chizuru is an important element in this quest since her father and the creator of said elixir are the same person.

The story will let us know the past of each member of the Shinsengumi and if you already suspected it, the harem theme will also be present. The Shinsengumi team will not only face the so-called Rasetsu, they will also fight the Oni, which are creatures that think that the human race should disappear from the face of the earth.

In reality, this anime began as a game and later received a television adaptation, as well as the publication of a manga. The game was developed by Idea Factory in 2008 and after its great success, a series animated by Studio Deen and broadcast on television during 2010, thus completing a series that includes three seasons and a total of 34 episodes, as well as two films and an OVA. .

An anime aimed at female audiences without a doubt, full of bishounen and scenes that will take your breath away.

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