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Mariko Kumakura, a high school girl who does not stand out much, despite being a very good student, not having many friends, until she meets Akiko Oohashi , a young woman completely opposite to her. They will become very good friends at the beginning of the manga, and everything seems to indicate that the story will be about friendship between young teenagers, but then Mariko realizes that she begins to feel more than friendship for Akiko, and as time goes by, they become friends. feelings of both will develop towards love. We are talking about Girlfriends movie.

Girlfriends is published for the first time in Spanish in Mexico under the direction of Editorial Kamite , being one of the first mangas of the yuri genre to be published in the country. The manga was written by Milk Morinaga in the magazine Comic High! from 2006 to 2010, with 5 volumes. The first volume has already been released in Mexico by Kamite, including a poster, with the price of $95 Mexican pesos.

In this story the development of yuri is carried out in a calm, slow and natural way. The author herself admits that the story of the manga is based on her experiences in a women’s school, where the presence of lesbian couples in high school was common, some being real and others mere love affairs between high school students. The author has written other mangas of the yuri genre in various well-known magazines such as Yuri Shimai, Comic Yuri Hime and Comic Hot Milk.

There is a stigma that yuri always carries in which it is said that yuri is for the male audience and yaoi for the female audience. The works of Milk Morigana end that stigma, and with the stigma that yuri only appears to do fanservice in hentai series or that it is only for men. Girlfriends has a simple, romantic story that could be perfectly placed in a shojo-themed manga. True yuri stories are mostly written by women, and while they occasionally feature lesbian sex scenes, they are not entirely focused on it.

This story can be enjoyed by anyone who likes beautiful, pleasant and romantic stories. Whether it’s a woman, a man, or non-binary, if you like teenage romance stories, this is definitely a story you’ll love.

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