The Promised Neverland

In 2016, several Jump mangas said goodbye, but new titles also entered, some were not very lucky and were cancelled, but there is one that has managed to exceed expectations and continues to stay afloat. The Promised Neverland, is a manga published in Shonen Jump since August 2016, written by Shirai Kaui and drawn by Posuka Demizu (Kirugumi). It is a different manga from the others published in the magazine due to its dark and gloomy theme, and it is quite possible that it is closer to the seinen genre, but since it is in the magazine it is classified as shounen. The manga has just released its first volume and so far consists of 18 chapters.

Cast and Crew of The Promised Neverland


  • Emma: The protagonist, a determined and athletic girl.
  • Norman: A brilliant strategist and Emma’s close friend.
  • Ray: A mysterious and calculating orphan.
  • Isabella (Mama Isabella): The seemingly caring caretaker of the orphanage who hides a dark secret.
  • Other orphans: Friends and potential allies for Emma.


  • Author: Kaiu Shirai
  • Illustrator: Posuka Demizu

What’s the story about? At the beginning they show us a beautiful and peaceful story of Emma, ​​a girl who lives with other children in an orphanage surrounded by beautiful gardens and in the care of a woman everyone calls “ Mom”. The children literally live in a paradise, they do not lack water or food, and they even have recreational places and classrooms to develop their knowledge. Everything is a paradise where children wait to be adopted. And that’s when the plot begins to complicate and the apparent happiness is destroyed in the blink of an eye. One day, Emma notices that one of the girls who is about to be handed over to her new parents has forgotten her beloved stuffed rabbit and is determined to return it, so she breaks one of the rules of not going beyond the exit door of the school. orphanage and that is when he discovers a terrible and painful truth about the paradise where he lives.

After that discovery, things will not be the same for Emma, ​​who will begin to realize that nothing is as it seems in her little paradise. She will then decide, together with two companions to whom she told the truth, to try to escape from that false paradise, and to do so they will even have to face the one who has been taking care of and raising them all along, her “Mother.” she.

A story of mystery, horror and science fiction that will keep you glued to the story, wanting to know if those children will manage to fulfill their objective and await a disastrous destiny. It is a manga that breaks shonen stereotypes and places a woman as the main protagonist. The objective of the protagonist in this case is to save her companions and herself from a disastrous fate. What will the future hold for this manga? There are many points that the authors must reveal over the course of the chapters and we hope that they continue to surprise us with the progress of the story.

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