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One has to give it to the Trolls movies: they may be IP-mining at its cravenest, but what about their source material – a long-gone line of excessively coiffed dolls – would suggest anything other than multiple sugar-crazed jukebox musicals? Through three films now, an array of directors has struggled to inject some originality into this seemingly hopeless premise. This huger-than-huge kiddie series on acid takes off best when it is able to conjure up catchy madness that runs through strange animated worlds as troll queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) travels through several bizarre landscapes shaped by music from different eras. So here we talking about Trolls Band Together movie.

A little bit of a downer that Trolls Band Together starts on an obligatory melancholy note with the sad story of Poppy’s ex-boyfriend Branch (Justin Timberlake). in one of several retcons, though, the film reveals that Branch spent his early years as a diaper-wearing member of a five-troll boy band with his once hidden siblings. However, it would have been logical if these parts were played by Timberlake’s former NSYNC group members, but surprisingly they are not thus making this movie appear to save such a joke for later. – instead, Eric André, Troye Sivan, Daveed Diggs and Kid Cudi fill out the BroZone ranks. The brothers have to get back together after not finding the perfect family harmony because their careers demand them to rescue Floyd Sivan from pop stars sibling Velvet (Amy Schumer) and Veneer (Andrew Rannells) who are syphoning away his talent for the sake of their own musical success. Thus a superfan of BroZone called Poppy is more excited about going on this mission than her cold-hearted partner who did not know at all that Branch was part of the now famous group.

This structure feels like a classic Muppet movie; in other words this means that this handful of trolls must go through various places to collect more characters while breaking into song along the way. They meet up with characters that look like old muppets too as Trolls tries to animate it big-budgetly and make it genuinely weird looking sometime even hand drawn by adopting deliberately contrasting character designs against those simple cuties who star in leading roles. For instance Velvet and Veneer seem like something straight out of Looney Tunes before bugs bunny came along except shiny – they also have some Slender Man vibe to them. All throughout its runtime, the film has fun acknowledging how aesthetically insane it is by throwing around lots of jokes about adult’s characters’ sexual inappropriateness and/or promiscuity (This is a particularly odd move given that the movies have never really known what to do with their Poppy/Branch romance.)

These grown-up jokes are kind of hilarious, but also too much, essentially that is Trolls’ motto. Here Branch is a complete buzz kill throughout this ongoing orgy of silliness, spending much of the movie being annoyed at his flaky siblings to the point where it may be hard to feel sorry for older brothers who abandon a baby – even if it’s only on paper. On one hand, Branch’s story was supposed to give viewers some emotional anchor – within its first two minutes, the film introduces one of its central themes against joyless perfectionism – but in so doing drew attention away from Poppy, whose narrative parallels that of Branch’s in terms of being a cheap imitation: She has her own long-lost sibling to find, which looks ham-fisted both when it tries too hard not coincidentally as well as when it does.

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Maybe this is why there often appear to be time wasters while trying all manner of hastily conceived backstories Walt Dohrn and his team can come up with, because no matter what every single Trolls movie ends up feeling exhausted (and exhausting) by its climax. This especially applies to Band Together that adds around ten new people into the mix while keeping tabs with half-a-dozen others from prior installments within less than 90 minutes (excluding credits).Therefore it is hardly important if Crimp – a character like Zosia Mamet, a design and vocal work, or Velvet and Veneer’s frequently seen animated janitor- is cute and creative because she is merely on and off the screen too quickly to matter.

Even the usually reliable musical numbers start feeling like they are being rushed off of stage; the mash-ups and remixes are often played out as shortened medleys. More so than it should perhaps, this movie’s poptimism gone wild – which lovingly spoofs boy-band culture in BroZone song titles that inevitably contain “girl,” “baby,” and “love” – does not distinguish it from its forerunners. The kids who enjoyed those movies will find some joy here anyway, while aficionados of the series’ chaotic visual charms shall be treated to additional delights. But by the finish, these trolls have seen better days.


Trolls Band Together follows a pattern for turning a throwaway toyline into quick–moving animation with pop music soundtracks. Having been deprived of their emotional backstories even more than usual, they grow increasingly shallow until finally crashing since then early highs can only come down hard. Both children and adults may enter into exhaustion at the end of its short duration of show time.

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