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The theme of espers, people with special abilities, is quite common to find in anime series, as well as other media, the difference between them is the way in which both the origin of the espers and the different handling that they are given are presented. gives in each series. In this case we will talk about Tokyo Esp a particular series that recently ended its story.

Tokyo Esp tells the story of Urushiba Rinka , a fairly normal high school girl who lives with her father. Suddenly one day she sees a penguin flying and some fish that shine brightly in the sky. At first she thought it was a hallucination if it weren’t for the fact that one of her classmates also saw it. She then fainted when she came into contact with the fish, and when she woke up she had developed the power to pass through objects, having a lot of trouble controlling her power at first. Later, her father warned her that she was not the only one who had had contact with flying fish and acquired special abilities. That led her to decide to look for a trace of the origin of the fish and the penguin and to do so she must consult the classmate who was with her when the fish appeared.

Tokyo Esp

Over the course of history you will become aware of the presence of more and more espers and organizations willing to capture them to study them and lock them up for fear of their potential. In this espers manga, we will see normal humans try to stop the espers, and the espers fighting to survive, does that sound like X-men? The curious thing is that this author gives some nods to that comic on some occasions. Rinka must assume her new role in the world and try to stop an organization that plans to destroy the world, while she discovers that nothing is as it seems.

Tokyo Esp is a manga written by Hajime Segawa (Gai-Rei) , in the Shounen Ace magazine, being published from 2010 to 2016, ending in June with a total of 77 chapters compiled in 16 volumes. At the same time, it has an anime adaptation of 12 chapters released in the 2014 summer season.

If you like esper stories, I would definitely recommend giving this story a chance. In addition, the author has an interesting drawing style and if you have seen or read Gai Rei, you will undoubtedly notice certain parallels between the stories and the development of the characters. , highlighting mostly the female protagonists.

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