Haikyuu Review! end of season “Spoiler Alert”

I have nothing against spoilers, however I know that many do not share my opinion, which is why if you have not seen the end of the third season of Haikyuu! (or failing that, none of the seasons) continue at your own risk. I must say, I started watching Haikyuu! Just last month, I really don’t know how I could miss such a quality series for so long.

Something I love about Haikyuu! is that despite being a sports anime, which focuses mainly on the male audience, it is undoubtedly one of the series that undoubtedly has a large female fandom.

One of the reasons I find for this is: YOU CAN’T HATE ANY OF THE CHARACTERS AND/OR TEAMS.

Haikyuu! It is an anime that projects a great feeling of “teamwork.” Not only is it the idea of ​​idealizing that the reason for this is that everyone finds a connection with the other members, but rather it is knowing how to put aside their differences and help bring out the best in each of their companions.Maybe the idea is very noble and during this season I was able to observe that.

As I mentioned before, I started watching Haikyuu! just last month, but since episode 1, it had me trapped with the theme, the character design, the animation, the opening and closing music, I simply do not have enough words to describe the emotion that this great series causes me .Obviously, I had to hurry since the third season was already simulcast, so when I finally finished the 1st. and 2nd. season, the 3rd. season was already in its 4th. episode. During the following weeks, the emotion and tension in each of its episodes increased so much that I couldn’t believe that it was really a series with 2D characters .

Last Friday, the 3rd ended. season of this great anime that focuses on the decisive match between Karasuno High School and Shiratorizawa School . This season is the shortest since it only has 10 episodes, and also after episode 8, there is a notable change in  Keishin Ukai ‘s voice , since his Seiyuu ( Tanaka Kazunari ) had to be replaced due to his sudden death. (This made me terribly sad).

But anyway, let’s continue with this last episode…

The last moments of the final match between the Karasuno team and the Shiratorizawa team are moments of tension, you cannot take your eyes off the reaction of each of the players, the Shiratorizawa Academy  is in total stress since the Karasuno has the Match Point to win and without a doubt Karasuno is going to be everything to obtain the point that will take them to the Spring Tournament as representatives of the Miyagi prefecture.

It is Hinata ‘s turn to serve, after this Kageyama asks him to change places, while Tsukishima is analyzing the situation to make his next move against Shiratorizawa ‘s tactics , Shirabu is the Setter and Goshiki and Ushijima are ready to finish off its placement.

At the unexpected play of attacking in the center, Tsukishima jumps to block, (in that moment he has a flashback about training together with Nekoma  ‘s Middle Blocker ) and this is how he gets an opportunity to finish Shiratorizawa ‘s shot , Tanaka receives the ball that Tsukishima bounced, the Karasuno team is ready to attack and this is how Hinata has the perfect position to make an attack from the back of the court. Ushijima touches Hinata ‘s shot , making a pass to Shirabu so that he can make his attack,  Tsukishima realizes that the ball is coming straight and is ready to prepare a block together with Azumane .

The ball is received by Hinata ‘s face , Tanaka ensures that the ball does not touch the ground and makes a final pass to Kageyama , on the other side of the court, Shiratorizawa receives the ball in an unflattering manner, Shirabu is aware of Ushijima ‘s intentions and without hesitation he places himself to make a pass. The Karasuno are not far behind and are ready to make a three-person block, Tshikima , Azumane and Sawamura jump at the same time as Ushijima to stop him and this is how he manages to make his way by changing his play to make a wide attack instead of a straight attack like Tsukishima had contemplated. Kageyama manages to receive this attack.

The pressure Hinata and Tsukishima feel right now from Ushijima is like he’s crushing them and they can’t get over him. Sawamura , Azumane and Tanaka come to his aid to open an opportunity for their teammates to obtain that last point.

Kageyama has the ball and after an unexpected play by Karasuno , Hinata manages to slow down his tempo and manages to mix with his teammates to make his way to victory. After a once again victorious Karasuno and an unexpectedly defeated Shiratorizawa , the teams that will participate in the Spring Tournament have finally been chosen.

Karasuno High School has taken flight and is ready to continue the battle.

Personally, I was a little sad since this season was only going to last 10 episodes, but I think that because of this they managed to carry the story thread in a really interesting and emotional way. I am really happy and satisfied from the point of view of a fan, I think they manage to bring out the best in each character in the course of each episode, you get to know the personality and annoyances of each one but also the ambitions and dreams of the players.

I hope that like me, you also enjoyed this review.

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