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A year after Ariel gave up her voice to become human, she’s living with Prince Eric on land. But the ocean continues to beckon, and whispers of a forgotten threat begin to stir.

Characters: The Little Mermaid

  • Ariel: Now Princess Ariel, she’s adjusting to life on land but misses the ocean.
  • Prince Eric: He understands Ariel’s connection to the sea and supports her.
  • King Triton: Ariel’s father, he’s proud of his daughter but concerned about the ocean’s dangers.
  • Sebastian: The royal advisor, he’s worried about Ariel’s safety as he adjusts to life out of water.
  • Flounder: Ariel’s loyal friend, he often joins her on secret trips to the shore.
  • Scuttle: Ariel’s quirky seagull friend, he shares news from both land and sea.
  • Morgana: Ursula’s daughter, she’s a cunning young sea witch seeking revenge for her mother’s downfall.
  • Newt: A talking dolphin shunned by his pod due to his unique ability to speak.

Story Arcs

Ariel’s Longing

Ariel finds it hard to fit into the human world, missing her life in the ocean. She secretly visits the shore, meeting Flounder and Scuttle, and learns about the sea’s happenings. Prince Eric notices Ariel’s sadness and encourages her to embrace her mermaid roots.

Echoes of the Past

Unusual events plague the ocean, with strange sea life behavior and distorted underwater sounds. King Triton consults his ancient advisor, who reveals a prophecy about a powerful artifact – the “Ocean’s Echo” – that can control the seas. Sebastian, fearing Ursula’s influence, suspects her magic is involved.

Morgana’s Revenge

Morgana, a young sea creature shunned due to her resemblance to Ursula, harbors resentment towards Ariel and humans. She finds Ursula’s hidden lair and the “Ocean’s Echo,” a magical seashell. Morgana, driven by revenge, plans to use the artifact to disrupt the ocean, lure Ariel back to the sea, and cause chaos in the human world.

The Search for Answers

Ariel, worried about the ocean’s strange events, confides in Prince Eric. King Triton, reluctant to reveal the prophecy, eventually explains the “Ocean’s Echo” threat and potential consequences. Ariel, with her knowledge of the ocean and Ursula’s magic, offers to help find the artifact and prevent further disruption.

A Bond Forged

Ariel, Flounder, and Scuttle embark on a secret mission to find clues about the “Ocean’s Echo” and Morgana’s location. They meet Newt, the ostracized dolphin, who helps them navigate the underwater world. Ariel and Newt form a bond through their shared experience, learning to appreciate each other’s unique abilities.

Confrontation and Resolution

Guided by Newt, Ariel and her friends find Morgana’s lair. A confrontation ensues, with Ariel trying to reason with Morgana about her actions’ consequences. Prince Eric, alerted by Sebastian, arrives with reinforcements, supporting them in a tense standoff. Morgana, realizing the potential devastation she could cause, hesitates.

A New Beginning

With King Triton’s magic and Ariel’s understanding, Morgana learns to control her powers and overcomes her resentment. The “Ocean’s Echo” is safely returned, restoring balance to the seas. Morgana decides to leave Ursula’s past behind and starts a new life, aiming to use her magic for good under King Triton’s guidance. Ariel, having shown her bravery and loyalty, becomes a bridge between the human and aquatic worlds.


  • Finding Your Place: The story explores the challenges of adapting to a new environment while staying true to one’s roots.
  • Overcoming Prejudice: Characters like Morgana and Newt face rejection due to their differences, highlighting the importance of acceptance and understanding.
  • The Power of Friendship: Ariel’s bond with her aquatic friends and her new connection with Newt demonstrate the value of friendship and collaboration.
  • Family and Forgiveness: The narrative emphasizes the importance of family support and the potential for redemption through understanding.

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