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Embark on an emotional journey with “Hal 2013,” a captivating film that delves into the complexities of human emotions and the transformative power of love. Directed by Ryôtarô Makihara, this animated gem weaves a poignant narrative brought to life by a talented cast and a creative team dedicated to exploring the depths of the human experience.



  • Ryôtarô Makihara¹: Steering the ship of emotions in “Hal,” Ryôtarô Makihara takes on the directorial role. His vision and storytelling finesse contribute to the film’s ability to resonate with audiences on a profound level.

Music Composer:

  • Michiru Oshima¹: The soul-stirring music that accompanies the narrative of “Hal” is the work of Michiru Oshima. Her composition adds a layer of emotional depth, enhancing the overall cinematic experience.


  • Kôji Tanaka¹: Responsible for capturing the visual essence of “Hal,” Kôji Tanaka’s cinematography plays a crucial role in conveying the emotions and atmosphere of the film.


  • Aya Hida¹: The pacing and seamless flow of the narrative owe much to the editing skills of Aya Hida. Her work ensures that the emotional beats of the story resonate with the audience.

Art Direction:

  • Yûsuke Takeda¹: Yûsuke Takeda’s art direction contributes to the film’s visual appeal, creating a world that complements the emotional depth of the storytelling.

Cast and Characters: Hal 2013

HalYoshimasa Hosoya
KurumiYoko Hikasa
RyuuMamoru Miyano
TokioTamio Ōki
AranamiShinpachi Tsuji
TsukikoAko Mayama
RumikoHikari Yono
ErikaUko Tachibana
MamiShōko Tsuda
MeganeKanami Satô
MaruHiroki Gotō
HatArisa Nishiguchi
Additional VoicesFelecia Angelle, Tia Ballard, Andrew Chandler, Scott Freeman, Ryan Ingrim, Brittney Karbowski, Keith Kubal, Lauren Landa, Alex Organ, Phil Parsons, Justin Pate, Orion Pitts, Michelle Rojas, Vic Victorson, Christopher Wehkamp, Lara Woodhull, Apphia Yu

The cast, led by Yoshimasa Hosoya, Yoko Hikasa, and Mamoru Miyano, breathes life into the characters, making their emotional journeys palpable for the audience.

“Hal” stands as a testament to the power of animation in conveying profound human stories. Through the synergy of the director, cast, and crew, the film explores themes of love, loss, and the resilience of the human spirit. It invites viewers to reflect on their own emotions and experiences, creating a cinematic experience that transcends the boundaries of animated storytelling. For those seeking a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant cinematic experience, “Hal” is a must-watch that showcases the beauty and depth of animated storytelling.

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