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Embark on a whimsical adventure into the Mushroom Kingdom with “The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023),” a delightful animated journey that brings the beloved characters of the iconic video game franchise to life. This animated adventure-comedy is set to capture the hearts of audiences with its star-studded cast and a creative team dedicated to delivering a memorable experience for fans of all ages.



  • Aaron Horvath: Known for his work on animated projects, Aaron Horvath takes the lead in directing the Super Mario Bros. Movie. With a background in crafting entertaining and visually appealing animations, Horvath’s vision promises to bring the Mushroom Kingdom to vibrant life.
  • Michael Jelenic: Collaborating with Horvath is Michael Jelenic, adding his expertise to the directorial team. Jelenic’s experience in animation, including his work on beloved series like “Teen Titans Go!,” ensures a blend of humor and heart in the Super Mario universe.
  • Pierre Leduc: As one of the directors, Pierre Leduc contributes his creative talents to shaping the visual aesthetics of the film. Leduc’s expertise enhances the overall look and feel of the Mushroom Kingdom, creating a captivating world for audiences to explore.
  • Fabien Polack: Completing the directorial quartet is Fabien Polack, adding his unique perspective to the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Polack’s involvement promises a collaborative effort to bring the essence of the beloved video game characters to the big screen.


  • Matthew Fogel: Responsible for the screenplay, Matthew Fogel contributes his writing prowess to crafting the narrative of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Fogel’s ability to balance humor, adventure, and heart in his previous works suggests an engaging and entertaining storyline.

Cast and Characters: The Super Mario Bros. Movie

MarioChris Pratt¹
Princess PeachAnya Taylor-Joy¹
LuigiCharlie Day¹
BowserJack Black¹
KamekKevin Michael Richardson¹
Penguin KingKhary Payton¹
Mario’s DadCharles Martinet¹
SpikeSebastian Maniscalco¹
Uncle TonyRino Romano¹
Uncle ArthurJohn DiMaggio¹
Mario’s MomJessica DiCicco¹
ToadKeegan-Michael Key¹
Toad GeneralEric Bauza¹
Cranky KongFred Armisen¹
Donkey KongSeth Rogen¹
LumaleeJuliet Jelenic¹
Koopa GeneralScott Menville¹

The ensemble cast brings these iconic characters to life, infusing the Mushroom Kingdom with humor, charm, and a touch of nostalgia. Notably, Chris Pratt, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, and Jack Black take on the roles of the famous Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Bowser, respectively.

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)” promises to be a must-watch for Super Mario enthusiasts, offering a fun-filled ride through a visually stunning and enchanting world. With a creative team dedicated to honoring the essence of the beloved video game franchise, this animated adventure is poised to become a timeless classic for generations to come. Get ready to jump into the Mushroom Kingdom and join Mario and Luigi on a quest full of laughter, excitement, and the magic that has made Super Mario a beloved part of gaming history.

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