Netflix is back with another interesting Anime. So, I thought to myself, “Why not?” and decided to give it a try. Maboroshi recounts the tale of a small town that was frozen in time due to an explosion. Stuck in a timeless loop, teenagers Masamune (Junya Enoki) and Atsumi (Reina Ueda) as well as other …


From Up on Poppy Hill

Unforeseen day, this was. Regrettably, the recent Japan Ghibli Studio film which is considered to set the international standard for animated films has not lived up to its billing. In his first co-production with father Hayao Miyazaki, a living legend in animation industry, Goro Miyazaki directed “From Up on Poppy Hill” (2011) about two likable …

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Spirited Away

Watching “Spirited Away” by Hiyao Miyazaki for the third time, I was struck by something between generosity and love. The only thing that struck me before was the unbridled fancy of the tale. This time I started zeroing in on any part of picture that could be done without. Animation is a painstaking process in …

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The family’s challenge of finding a holiday movie that suits everyone is a perennial one. This is as much a part of tradition as turkey on Thanksgiving, and Christmas carols on the radio soon after. Disney’s offering this December for the holiday season is called “Encanto”, and it’s going to be warm, feel-good family friendly …

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